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We are a team of young, creative persons, united by passion to photography, computer graphics and travels. The idea to create personalized fridge magnets was born a few years ago. At that time we were looking for a way to design original souvenirs for persons encountered by us on tourist routes. This is how the magnetCards.eu company was founded.

At first we designed magnets for travellers and students. For them, original graphics, often insertion of a flag or a humorous joke were of a special importance. Along with growing interest in our fridge magnets, increased the requirements of our customers. They provided us with new ideas for graphics and sent photos, asking us to insert them on the magnets. Then parents started showing interest in this kind of gadgets; they wanted to announce the appearance of their babies in this world to family members and friends or invite them to the first birthday of their baby.

The number of orders still increased, so we decided to buy professional equipment to be able to manufacture high quality magnets with splendid colours and astonishing sharpness. Our designs became more and more tasteful and stylish.

We decided to invest in quality , and leave production of industrial magnets printed on laser printers to other companies. We started production of personalized fridge magnets with photos and graphics that were delivered by our customers. To provide the evidence of the high quality of our products, we introduced a system of sending samples. In consequence, the trust of our customers in our products increased. And the magnets offered by us started to be treated as original invitations to important events: wedding, baptism, first communion, or "round" birthday. And that is the best reward for our hard work.

Today we are able to implement your every idea. We designed and put at your disposal exceptional templates of wedding, baptism, first communion, birthday magnet invitations as well as business magnets. Thanks to the online design tool you can modify and personalize them at will and we make sure that they don't lose anything of their quality.

We invite you to make use of our services!

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