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Visualization of an exemplary invitation with fridge magnet

Your photo on your magnet. On your magnet can be placed any photo selected by you and your own text. In order to go to the online design tool you only need to click on the button: "Design your magnet". By using this simple application you will be able to replace photos in the selected template, change its colours and texts. In the tab: "How can I design my magnet" you will find details concerning the design tool operation.

If you already have your own graphics on your magnet and don't need our template any more, submit an order by using the category Foto magnets

Cover on your magnet Add some charm to your magnet! Select a paper cover (270g paper), thanks to which your magnet will look exclusively. The magnet will be attached to the cover thanks to the special notches (as in the photo), what will make it easier for you to take it out and attach to the fridge.

Inscription on the cover. The texts which you deliver while submitting your order will be printed inside and outside the cover. The inscription on the cover applies only to double (openable) cover.

Envelope. Your invitation can be put into a stylish envelope made from high weight paper (120g). the envelopes combine classical appearance and a modern style. They are single-coloured (you select the colour) and plain.

Inscription on the envelope. It is possible to insert an inscription on the envelope. This option is agreed individually.

We are ready to help you! Do you have any questions or doubts? Write us on the address: Our Customer Service Department will answer your questions as quick as possible.

You are welcome to use our simple online design tool, with which you will be able to replace photos in the template selected by you, change its colours and all texts. The application starts by clicking on the button "Design your magnet".

Text replacement

Click on the text in order to edit it. On the screen, on your left, you will see a simple panel which will enable you to change the size, kind and colour of the font.

Photo replacement

Click on the photo in order to replace it with a photo or graphics of your choice. On the screen, on our right, appears a simple panel which will enable you to replace the photo, remove a part of it and carry out the basic editing tasks by choosing one of the available filters.

Template colour change

Click on a background detail in order to change its colour. On the screen on your right appears a simple panel which will enable you to select colours of individual background elements. The colours shown on the bar correspond to those presently displayed in the template. You can change them by clicking on the selected square.

Attachment of a new text

You can add your own text to the template. In order to do it, click on the "text" icon on the left side of the screen. There appears a panel enabling you to change and add the text. In order to add the new text, click on "Add the new text" and enter your text. If you move the working area with the cursor, you can place your text on a selected spot in your template.

While adding or changing texts on the magnet, make sure that they are at least 2mm away from the margin edge.

Good luck!

How long does the delivery time take?
It takes up to 17 working days to receiving the delivery in EU from placing an order. If you select the option "Express" the delivery time will be reduced to 10 working days.

What are the magnets delivery options?
We send our magnets by post as registered letters or courier service, depanding on country.

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